Janusz Sporek - conductor, composer, music teacher and producer.

Born in Rajcza near Zywiec, South of Poland, Mr. Sporek graduated from the College of Pedagogy, Department of Music in Kielce, where he studied conducting under Prof. Henryk Gostomski, and piano with professor Wlodzimierz Kutrzeba.  He earned his Master's Degree under the guidance of Prof. Jozef Swider at the Silesian University in Katowice, Department of Music Education, majoring in Piano under Prof. Marian Preiss and in Conducting under Prof. Helena Danel. Mr. Sporek worked at Music School in Rybnik, (State of Katowice, Poland) and with several artistic groups.  He made numerous artistic tours with his ensembles throughout Western Europe (Germany, Belgium, France and Italy), giving concerts and participating at international festivals.

Since February 1998, Mr. Jan Sporek has dedicated all his artistic work to the memory of his late mother - Love of his life - a woman, who created his personality from the moment he was born until she died.

In the USA, he held the positions of General Choral Director of the Polish Singers Alliance of America and Canada, General Choral Director of District Seven PSAA, Conductor and Music Director of the Hejnal choir and Esprit de Chorus, an international vocal group.  He runs his own music school the Music Education Center in Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Sporek is also the President of Chopin Foundation Council of Greater New York where he desires to continue the work of late Prof. Jan Gorbaty. Mr. Sporek was a very close friend of Prof. Gorbaty, who admired his work with children and all activities in the field of promoting the Polish culture, music and Polish artists on the American land. 

In 1998, Sasha Oster a moviemaker of Falkor Pictures has used one of his compositions in the film “PAY DAY” directed under the patronage of New York University. 

In May 1998, he was announced "Citizen of the Year" by the readers of "The Polish American World" newspaper. He was also awarded a Gold Medal by the Polish Choirs and Orchestras Alliance of Warsaw and the “Cross of Chivalry” for his services to the Republic of Poland, granted by the Government of Poland (in the year of 2000).

Mr. Sporek has conducted choruses and orchestras at all prestigious concert halls of New York including Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, and Alice Tully Hall of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, St. Peter’s Church, John Adams Playhouse of Hofstra University, Long Island and Mary Washington College of Fredericksburg VA. He performed in Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, and New Britain, CT. In October 2000, he made a very successful artistic trip to Poland conducting the choir and orchestra at the Cracov Philharmonic Orchestra House. In May 2001, in Johnstown, PA, Mr. Sporek lead the “Festival of J. Świder’s Choral Music” at the International Convention of the Polish Singers Alliance of America and Canada. In August 2001 he established the Paderewski Festival Singers, a mixed choir that has already made two appearances at Isaack Stern Auditorium of Carnegie Hall. He holds the posts of music director and conductor of this group.

Between November 1999 and January 2004, Mr. Sporek has organized ten concerts at Carnegie Hall, becoming the only Polish producer who presented over three hundred performers including choruses and individual artists on this prestigious stage in such a short period of time. Promoting the Polish musical culture, among the artists he showed were such great individuals as Julian Gembalski (organist), Sylwia Kowalczuk (harpist), Piotr Paleczny, Jozef Stompel and Jacek Zganiacz (pianists), Tiffany CasaSante, Cezary Doda, Izabela Kobus-Salkin, Halina Kalitka and Matina Parisi (opera singers), Slawomir Chrzanowski, Czeslaw Freund and James Baker (conductors), Polish-American Symphony Orchestra, Combined Choruses of District Seven PSAA, Esprit de Chorus, Paderewski Festival Singers and Mary Washington College Symphony Orchestra from Fredericksburg, VA. 

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